Thunder is a robust sans-serif typeface that, somehow, is free (the generosity of the creative community really blows my mind sometimes)! At first glance, you might think that Thunder is a bold, one-note display font good for titles. But take a moment to observe the various weights and styles available, and you’ll start to see the versatility of this typeface.

Thunder comes in 36 weights categorized into 2 styles: Low Contrast and High Contrast. The low contrast styles have… low contrast between the strokes of the letterforms. Compared to the high contrast styles, this results in more readable fonts. They are bold, impactful, and usable.

The high contrast style, as their name suggests, have exaggerated thicks and thins in the letterforms. This results in what I would call a more “stylish” editorial look. Personally, I find the high contrast a bit challenging to read in most weights, but these styles really shine in the bold and black weights. I could see them being used to set an article title with striking impact.

Designed by Rajesh Rajput, Thunder is distributed as freeware and is free for personal and commercial use. Add Thunder to your type collection and get to creating!