Nixie One is a quirky slab serif that has so much potential. To quote the designer:

This font is a mixture of neon tubes signage and a typewriter: A thoroughbred mix of chicken and pineapple.

And the unxpected combination of influences clearly come across in this spirited typeface.

At first glance, Nixie One might seem too specific of a “look”. But I’d argue that the whimsy of the exaggerated serifs and bulging letterforms paired with the precision of the clean strokes and graphic dots give Nixie One the flexibility to say “I am fun” and “I am serious” at the same time. It is a surprisingly versatile typeface ready to be molded by a designer willing to give this typeface a chance. 

I could see it used as a dramatic, editorial typeface or used to create a more casual look and feel. Give Nixie One a try and see what it has to offer!

Nixie One is an open source font available on Google Fonts. It is distributed with an Open Font License and is free for personal and commercial use